What is DZbatcher?

DZbatcher is a command-driven console application which allows a user to enter simple, line-oriented commands enabling single, or batches of, FrameMaker® or FrameMaker+SGML® documents to be opened, updated, printed and saved without being displayed on-screen.

DZbatcher may be used with a DZbatcher command file to perform batch operations on a set of FrameMaker or FrameMaker+SGML books or documents, without further user intervention.

You can use DZbatcher to perform the following batch operations:

  • Print documents using a `print settings' document to control how the documents will be printed.

  • Convert files from Frame document (binary) format to Frame MIF (Maker Interchange Format) or vice versa. You can also batch-convert files to FrameViewer or FrameMaker locked format.

  • Convert files to Acrobat PDF format.

  • Import formats from one document into many other documents.

  • Automate conversion of MS Word, and many other external document types, to FrameMaker.

  • Automate the updating of variables, cross-references and text insets across a large collection of documents.

Important note:

DZbatcher is an unsupported product, but we welcome your feedback.

DZbatcher is currently available for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Sun Solaris 2.6 and AIX, and FrameMaker or FrameMaker+SGML (versions 5.5.6 or above), must be installed on your host system.

The current version of DZbatcher is 3.2. You will always be able to find the latest release number of DZbatcher by checking www.miramo.com.

DZBatcher is provided under a free of charge, single-user license without any warrants whatsoever. DZBatcher may NOT be copied, (except within the download host), re-distributed or transferred from one party or computer to another. If you or others within your organisation, or outside of it, require additional copies of DZBatcher, each copy must be downloaded from this site, www.miramo.com.

Users of DZbatcher are welcome to send queries, comments, criticisms, etc., to dzbatcher@datazone.com

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