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MiramoPDF 2.0 New Features

MiramoDesigner enhancements

  • Pods. To enable grouping of formats within named categorieswow

  • Color tints and shades selector dialogwow

  • Extended table column properties dialogwow

  • Direct access to a format definition referenced by another format definitionwow

  • Rounded corners on paragraph backgroundswow

  • Sideheads supportwow

  • Tagged PDF for PDF/UA & WCAG

  • Save .mfd templates in packaged format. Similar to .docxwow

  • Import images and other objects via http URLs

  • .mfd templates via http URLs

  • Set text symbols color

  • Adaptive format selector dialogs

  • Show currently-used fonts as a group at top of the font family selector listwow

  • Multi foreground connected text frameswow

  • Vertical shifts on inline imageswow

  • Drop shadows on tableswow

  • SVG fills in entire tables, in individual table rows and in cellswow

  • Improved MiramoDesigner helpwow

Core composition engine (mmComposer) enhancements

  • Support for all the above items PLUS re-writes relating to the Miramo core composition engine (mmComposer), resulting in:
    • Ultra-reliability.
    • Increased performance. Especially with respect to table processing in the case of tables containing tens or hundreds of thousands of table cells.
    • Reduced memory (RAM) usage.
    • Fully supported on Linux and macOS

DITA-OT plugin enhancements

  • New Ant build parameters and @outputclass support for the foregoing.