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Miramo are the developers of powerful automated publishing software for document creation, composition and formatting for XML, DITA or any structured data. It is designed for easy implementation, deployment and future maintenance and eliminates the requirement for months of external consultancy or in-house development.

The flagship product, Miramo Enterprise, is used 24/7 globally in the financial, government and manufacturing sectors to produce high volumes of directories, contracts, catalogs, financial documents and S1000D & DITA technical documentation, in multiple languages and output formats. Miramo Enterprise includes an API, job scheduling, scalable processing channels, load balancing, remote job processing and administration, and auditing controls.

MiramoPDF's GUI template designer enables instant PDF formatting and re-designs of any complexity, with no need for XSL:FO or CSS programming expertise. MiramoPDF can be easily integrated with any CCMS or other publishing environment and can publish DITA 'out of the box' with the Miramo DITA-OT plugin. A free download of MiramoPDF Personal Edition is available here.

"I am completely blown away by MiramoPDF. It offers all the power of XSL-FO with no need for XSL stylesheet development. The GUI designer together with a powerful enterprise-scaleable output engine create the long-awaited solution to customizing DITA-based PDF output."

Leigh W. White, Author of 'DITA for Print'

Designing your first PDF with MiramoPDF

Check out this video from our partner, Intuillion, which demonstrates MiramoPDF integrated with their DITAToo DITA CMS: DITAToo and MiramoPDF

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