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Datazone is the developer of MiramoPDF, the intuitive, GUI driven PDF formatter for the automated publishing of XML, DITA, S1000D or any structured content.
Easily integrated with any Content Management System (CCMS) or editing environment, MiramoPDF delivers all the formatting power and sophistication in one tenth the time of programming-based PDF formatters.

Miramo software is standards based and used worldwide in the financial, manufacturing, government and healthcare sectors.

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MiramoPDF ticks all the boxes:

Sophisticated design capability
- Design capability for all industries, from manufacturing to finance to marketing.
- Highly configurable.
Easy to use
- A GUI template designer replaces XSL-FO or CSS programming.
- A leading DITA and XSL expert compares working with MiramoPDF Vs XSL:FO.
Saves time and money
- No programming expertise and minimal training required.
- Gives control, speed and efficiency. Eliminates delays and costs.
- Fast development of new document designs.
- Even faster day-to-day design modifications.
Easy to switch
- Fast re-creation of existing designs.
- Legacy PDFs can be imported into MiramoPDF designs.
Extensive multi-lingual capability
- Scalable from desktop to enterprise level with multiple channel capability.
- Enterprise processing capability from single page leaflets to thousand page catalogs.
- Job queuing, load management & job logging for large enterprises.
Easy integration
- Integrates easily with any CCMS or structured authoring environment.
- Miramo DITA-OT plugin.
Accessible PDF output
Standards based
Available on all platforms
- Available in desktop and server versions on Windows and Linux.
Free Download

"I am completely blown away by MiramoPDF. It offers all the power of XSL-FO with no need for XSL stylesheet development. The GUI designer together with a powerful enterprise-scaleable output engine create the long-awaited solution to customizing DITA-based PDF output."
Leigh W. White, Author of 'DITA for Print'

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