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Miramo is a core component in our automated fund Fact Sheet production system. It has helped us save several $100k per year in production costs. We are delighted with every aspect of Miramo's performance. Our system has put us way ahead of the industry standard in this area.

Stephen Shanks
Mellon Global Investments

We needed a capability to create very complex and highly dynamic, database driven documents as quickly as possible in PDF format. We are very pleased and continue to be pleased with our selection of Miramo to satisfy our publishing needs.

Upon first analysis of Miramo while we were selecting tools for document publishing, we realized that Miramo was a very powerful and capable product. As we continue to use Miramo and gain more experience with it to solve other publishing problems, we realize that it is even more powerful and sophisticated than originally thought.

We are expanding the use of Miramo beyond creating web-based PDF documents to satisfy all of our publishing needs. I believe we can design any conceivable document for our nature of business using the Miramo/FrameMaker tool set.

Doug Rose
Manager of Internet Services
Word & Brown Insurance Administrators, Inc.

New reports that used to take two months to rewrite can now be developed in less than half of that time. I can't imagine another tool doing what we needed to do, and I don't know how we would have accomplished our objectives without Miramo.

The adoption of the Miramo/FrameMaker system went smoothly for us. It took about 4 days of training in Miramo and FrameMaker, plus a day of consulting on our first report to get us going.

Don Miner
Applications Development Manager
Oregon Legislative Information Systems
State of Oregon

Miramo has revolutionized our customers' catalog production processes. Their workflow timeframe gets shrunk from weeks or months to just a few minutes. Multiple TOCs, indexes, huge tables ... Everything is there.

Miramo meets every challenge with unfailing reliability time and time again. As a result our customers costs are reduced and their opportunities are increased correspondingly. Product support is superlative.

Amos Jones
Communication Components

Our clients want high quality clear and meaningful statements,and this need was not being met by existing wealth management services. The use of Miramo with FrameMaker and PDF support was a prime driver in our selection of SAMS and Socrates. Our customers are absolutely delighted with the reporting and analysis that we provide using Miramo.

James Bevan
Investment Director
Abbey National Bank (Inscape)

For book companies in niche markets, Miramo makes the difference between stagnation and growth. A typical book schedule will be reduced by 6-8 weeks, and the increased profit margins enable new strategies and channels to be supported. Putting it simply: Miramo is a revolution in publishing.

Michael Taylor
XML-Book Publishing Consultant